Jerry shared his expertise with me which I really appreciated. I learned a lot from talking to him. Jerry went out of his way to return my call which not everyone in this business does. I really appreciated his help.
Peter Bortz
Georgetown Frame Shoppe

Thank you so much for reviewing the images of the Picasso 347 Series we emailed you, which you have identified as not being authentic.
We appreciate and hold your opinion in the highest regard, and count on your expertise in these matters.
Basil R. Collier
Fine Art Publisher

When I was doing the appraisals for Princess Cruises Fine Art they acquired some bad 347 etchings of Picasso. No one knew of these and they had a lifetime guarantee on all their art. I was hired to do insurance appraisals so I had nothing to do with authentications as I am not qualified nor was I held responsible. The people who bought these wound up getting their money back and got to keep the pieces so they came out very happy. I noticed some of these etchings offered for sale on Peter’s website and contacted him.